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An E2 site is a site that has a cryo-microscope that automatically collects data for high resolution. (As it stands, the E2 site also serves the function of the E1 site.)

Based on the electron microscope data (preliminary data) screened at the E1 or F1 sites, you can submit an application for use at the E2 site.
This application will be reviewed by several researchers with expertise in cryo-electron microscopy analysis and will be accepted or rejected.


If your application is rejected, you can still apply to the E2 site as many times as you like by improving the quality of the data collected at the E1 or F1 site.


If accepted, you will be able to book E2 machine time in consultation with researchers at the E2 site who own the electron microscopy equipment you wish to measure.

The usage issues on the E2 site and the usage status of the electron microscope on the E2 site will be published. In addition, the measurement with the E2 electron microscope does not need to be a joint study with the E2 site if the conditions are met.

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