CryoEM Network E1

The E1 site refers to a site that provides support to researchers in Japan and advances the technologies related to the support menu as an implementing organization of the Basic Platform for Advanced Support Technology for Drug Discovery (BINDS), with "Electron Microscopic Analysis of Biomolecules" as its support menu.


In response to requests from domestic researchers, the E1 site administrator will determine the feasibility of conducting electron microscopy experiments on the sample in question and, if possible, screen the sample for structural analysis by cryo-EM while conducting electron microscopy experiments on the sample.


The results of the sample screening experiment at the E1 site can be used as preliminary data for the cryo-EM analysis at the E2 site using a state-of-the-art electron microscope.


In other words, the experiment at site E1 is the first step to the cryo-EM analysis at site E2.

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