What you need to do in order to use the E1-EM.

If you are using the E1 site, please apply for a BINDS support proposal.

In order to use the E2-EM

If you want to measure with E2, you need to apply for access to the E2 application page.

The application page requires the specified login ID and password.

Please contact "secretary(at)" (please convert at to @).

If you want to use the E2 site, you need to be a BINDS supporting assignment.

Even if you have screened (created a grid) for your BINDS project, you still need to be approved as a BINDS support issue before you can use the electron microscope at your E2 site. To do so, please submit a BINDS application with your preferred E2 site as the supporting site.

If you want to apply to use E2, you will be asked to submit images from the previous grid screening. In the case of single particle analysis, the Class Average image is one of them. On the basis of the submitted images, the jury will determine whether the data can be measured with an E2-EM.

For the screening information required for your application, please download and fill out a template at the link below.

Format Download
(Single particle analysis)

Format Download


The E2 Electron Microscope will only accept frozen grids from the grid screening images submitted at the time of application. If more than one grid is brought in frozen in case it doesn't work out, only if it's clear that it's the same sample and the grid is of the same quality as the submitted image.
If a solution sample is brought in and frozen at the E2 site, it is likely to be a collaborative study with the E2 site. Please contact the E2 site for individual consultation.

You do not need to collaborate with the E2 site if you make automated measurements using Titan Krios or other instruments, or if you manipulate the E2 electron microscope yourself (unless you request subsequent analysis).

If you want to operate the E2 electron microscope by yourself, please ask each site about the requirements.